Martelly has the authority to dissolve the Haitian Parliament...

Toulimen Legrand - July 17 2011, 10:11 PM

Martelly has the authority to dissolve the Haitian Parliament if they refuse to work for the Haitian People.

He has the executive authority to issue an Executive Order under the Special Powers granted by the Office of the President.

All presidents, kings, queens and monarchs have special powers under their constitution.

Once the president issued an executive order to use his special powers as granted by the Haitian Constitution, the constitution is no longer effective and he must call for special elections within 30 days to bring the Constitution back into power.

Special Power means Emergency and in emergency situations only the president has the authority to solve all judicial, political and economic matters.

This power is granted and vested under Special Powers of the president as not specified in the Haitian Constitution.

The president has the right to determine the urgency and the nature of the problem preventing his government from conducting businesses as usual.

I don't have to provide an article for that ok. It is granted under Special Powers of the Haitian President.

Look up Special Powers under the Haitian Constitution and you will understand my viewpoints.

He should dissolve the parliament if they cannot work for the Haitian people.

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