Actually Rouzier was a better canditate for the PM office but...

Service Du Domaine - July 17 2011, 2:53 PM

Actually Rouzier was a better canditate for the PM office but the selling of Rouzier was not done with efficacite and due diligence par the entourage of the President EVERYONE on the President Staff are not up to the task due to infighting among themself and would not even advice the new President how to
and with whom to implement his vission pour Haiti Cherie.

The President should meet those oposant that was his job like the US President is negociating with the Republicain party now.You do not delegate to an ineficient staff your vision and expect them to carry it out that is disaster that staff know GOUSE IS NOT CLEAN AND THEY CLOSE THEIR EYES AND HERE WE ARE NO PM AFTER 2 MONTHS.

I hope our new president will be substance instead of style

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I can understand Gousse is not acceptable, what was...

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