I think the Diaspora has the right and the privilege to...

Bernadette - July 17 2011, 1:04 AM

I think the Diaspora has the right and the privilege to complain about added telephone expenses.

After all a donation is just that it is a voluntary action.

No one should compel anyone to "donate" money for whatever good cause that it happened to be. A more forgiven way would have been to give people choices on what their contribution should be: Give any amount you can, from fifty cents to millions, if you can afford it. At the beginning of each call, payers could choose which amount they feel they can contribute to. They also should have a choice to say NO, not this time, if they feel like it. The problem is we need to RESPECT one another and have FAITH in one another.

That each person will do the "RIGHT THING" without cohersion.

Retaliation against someone who do not want to follow the herd is a remnant of slavery and we should be mindful of it. We talk about respect of other countries towards Haiti quite often here. What about respect for ourselves and that of our countrymen for Haiti?

Charity begins at home, you know.
Martelly can give the Diaspora an array of different choices to pick after or before each phone call with the payer having the final say on how much they want to contribute or not to contribute at all.This is the democratic way to have something done. This contribution is however voluntary, nobody should show up at the house with handcuffs because someone did not cooperate.

I do hope President Martelly does have a master plan of which among other plans include a sub-master plans for education and another one economic development; Not half baked-ideas haphazardly put together to serve a temporary void in Haiti's so depleted from good-sturdy-permanent infrastructures.

To form The Master Plan and how to make it work is Martelly's business.

To want to help to the best you can is the Citizens' responsibilities.

To want to help is where incentives walk in. For instance, After you donate X amount of money from you over Y period of time, you are entitled to receive Z compensation.

(And the compensation should be worthwhile and appropriate).

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