I am talking about the constitutional rights.Here in US, you...

Jean - July 16 2011, 11:43 PM

I am talking about the constitutional rights.Here in US, you do not have only the rights to vote, but the rights to become anything you want if you have the guts to make it to the top.From the beginning of the Duvalier dictatorship until 1986, haitians started in mass leaving their homeland because of political reason.From 1986 they started leaving Haiti for economic reason.

I will never accept any corrupted haitian politician to make me believe that haitians who left Haiti for those two reasons need to be punished by removing their constitutional rights because of accepting an another nationality.

We need full rights, because the malfunction of the socio-political system in Haiti is the reason why Haitians left and continue to leave the land.Again, I am addressing to the corrupted politicians looking only to make money.

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Jean, What rights do American citizens have here...

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