My Lord my God please, Enough Crying, for 1 dollar and 50 cent...

Elisabeth - July 15 2011, 11:05 AM

My Lord my God please, Enough Crying, for 1 dollar and 50 cent
Who is responsible to educate the children of Haiti, if you did not know it is us the Haitians.

I know you will have feel better if it was not coming out of your poket if we have another country paying for it. continuer fe mandiant nou fo nan sa, si nou vle respect, se nou ki pou fe li.
Respect pou ti moun nou yo,
Respect pou nou nan terre etrangere.this is the first baby step we are taking towards helping
Ourself and I am applauding our
New President for standing up and making changes.How do you think other country feel when they see us crying for that little amount of money when they put so much into our country or they came and help us with our continuous misfortune.

Please give me a break we should actually increase the amount so we can build clinic and water distribution and everything that we needs, Haitians we can do it..this is our land, our children our responsability.

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I agree with you 150% on everythng you said

Elisabeth, I read your comment and have this for you...

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