Gabby I did say myself that I will not reply to none of your...

Max Mills - July 15 2011, 9:49 AM

Gabby I did say myself that I will not reply to none of your comments but this is the last, I promise.

If you are so lucky to drink the milk but don't waste your time counting the cows. I might be exaggerated by asking myself how long the tax the president wants to impose on certain items.

My point is again the tax for reforming the system is fine but but give me something in your agenda, let me know if the money is going to use to subsidize in the schools, increase the teachers pay. You said the americans pay taxes everybody knows that, but their system is so good you will never feel when there is gap between your taxes and the ones who are in charge .When there is fraud they are so quick to apprehend the culprits.

When there is fraud in my country we are the last to know the money is in bank Swiss frozen.

Do not compare America's taxes with us.They do no need money like we do. Whatever they have now they use it in science projects to go into the moon and spend it in wars to maintain their super power.

They do not need taxes to build schools, roads, Bridges, and so on but they modify .Because three centuries ago when they were founding, constructing, writing their constitution and laws we were slaves planting for them, yams, sugar, tomatoes, bananas, and whatever it was at that time .They were in office and we were in the sun working for them, looking for food to feed them. We are three centuries backward that is why we are called third world countries.

(Lol) Give thanks and say amen to God for the fraction of knowledge you have acquired over there then you claim you are an IT expert right here and now any little american 10 years old can shame you in IT and software related .Shut the hell up about the dumb americans or dumb haitians.

In life there is no dumb trade.

Everybody tries to make a living for themselves whoever they are haitians, americans you name it. Mr Martelly is not as bright as any president you know in your lifetime but if it is his destiny for him to be there so be it I have to comply with what I got and learn to satisfy with what you have. It seems to me you are very touchy and snob and also very selfish by calling people dumb or any word come into your mouth .You have shown your true color here it seems to me you are the granddaughter of Mr Zabelbock pretending to be a lawyer speaks his broken french with a flavor of bourgeoisie you want this or you do not want that you can't touch this or that I bet when you to go to Haiti you feel shame to walk in rue St Martin, Marche Valieres and other places where there is to much crowd fear of being touched.

I bet you were born under these signs (no offense to other readers ) " I just want to clarify something to Gabby " march, july or october It shows your stubborn side and your persistence to have the upper hand but it is not bad to be but never underestimate a person.Even the great warriors before they go to war they consult one another and plans carefully.

So I need to know the plan Mr Martelly otherwise I will call ' A bas ' No to fraud.

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Max, You could not have been so way off with your...

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