Max, You could not have been so way off with your labeling! Me...

Gabby - July 14 2011, 10:43 PM


You could not have been so way off with your labeling! Me a show off! You misconstrued the whole point I was trying to make. The only rationale why I mentioned my academic attainments was to prove that a lot of americans do not take full advantage of the education system this country has to offer as much as foreigners like me.

Did I comprehend you correctly?

You want a time table as to how long this money will be collected for?

Is there a time table for paying taxes in the U.S.?

The only time you don't pay taxes here is when you're unemployed and not collecting unemployment.

Even the deceased still pays taxes here (Have you figured that out yet?

Here's the answer: social security being paid to the family of the deceased gets taxed).

Are you even aware that U.S. citizens residing or working abroad are still required to pay U.S. taxes?

So, why should the Haitian government exempts Haitians from fulfilling their citizenship obligations to Haiti?.

I am the most proud, patriotic Haitian you will ever encounter in your life. Heck, you may even call me ethnocentric when it comes to the love, admiration, pride, and esteem that I possess in my heart for my people and my country.

My insults were aimed at these so-called Haitians who refer to other Haitians as their brothers and sisters, and often proclaim that they want to see change in Haiti, but yet they rebuke the idea of burning a sweat or spend a penny to see it happens.

Do you formulate any common sense in your mind and apply it to what you write on this discussion board?

It's either that you do not, or you are not well informed of a lot of things that go on in Haiti.

Check and see how much money is being spent on one single project in Haiti.

And you think this pocket change that President Martelly is collecting is enough to do all of those things you aforementioned, including free education in country where illiteracy is so highly prevalent that it accounts for eighty percent of the Haitian population.

For the record, I have no need to put you or those null-minded people down to feel better about myself as all of you do enough self-marginalization with your thinking.

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Whoa, whoa, hold it there, not because some people...

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