Whoa, whoa, hold it there, not because some people are cute...

Max Mills - July 14 2011, 4:05 PM

Whoa, whoa, hold it there, not because some people are cute and well mind educated must take a step in the lowly ones. That is why The earth will never have peace.

Do you remember when Judas wanted and was greedy for money and he said to the Lord why this woman is wasting this expensive perfume on your feet she could sell it and have the money shared among the poor. The Lord replied " Judas let her do what she comes to do you will have the poor and the indigent with you all the times.but for me I will not be here for long" My point is some people can afford it and some can't period.

I am not defending any lazy people.

Let me repeat one more time Gabby I am not against progress for my country but at the same time some people will get richer and some will get poorer.

There is no time table telling me (us) who are spending our money by any means to a cause where there is no basic idea for how long.How much does he want to do the reformation.

Do teachers will get an increase every two years.Will our lecturers in our universities will get an increase so the less fortunate qualified diaspora who is stressful will get the opportunity to return back or attract them with a good incentive for them to stay in the country.Tell me Gabby does Martelly has it in his agenda that is the point I am making to you.How much does he want, the tax is it a short term or a long one.Is he looking for a mere 15 billion gourdes The least among us is not dumb. I will not put down my brothers and sisters so low to elevate myself.

Everywhere in life there is a lesson to learn .In the jungle the mighty lions overcome the weaker ones. In the sea the mighty shark overcome the others.

So the human race is the same .Some of us have to be the ones to burn the woods to make coal, some of us have to be in the market under the sun to sell ground provisions, some of us have to be the ones to clean the toilets, some of us have to be the restavek to sleep on the floor right here in USA or at home.God created all equal but give them some talents to some.Some get one or two and some get up to five.Some of us are pretty and some ugly and some of us forget if we have or breathing the same air..Some of us have to be cautious with what we have.Some of you will spend thousand in false hair, in the beauty parlour just to please one, some of you will follow the party every weekend and yet will not give enough.

Some of you have big mouth about what you achieved in life and yet there is nothing to compare.

I have this, I have that but nothing than crap .The greatest philosopher on earth knows nothing before God 'eyes he is nothing, nonetheless a maggot, period .I am willing to give and spend whatever the law says to give none of us is above the law but at the same time give me a good reason where is my money going.

If the people were not smart they will never ask questions nor complain.

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Max, IF is for people who do not take full advantage...

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