Max, IF is for people who do not take full advantage of the...

Gabby - July 14 2011, 1:58 PM


IF is for people who do not take full advantage of the opportunity given to them, like those lazy people you're trying to defend.

Even if they did take advantage of the opportunity this country offers them, I would still be an Oracle DBA, with 13 years of IT experience when I'm only 33 years of age. You know why, because I'm acute-minded enough to know that racism is still very much prevalent in America.

Thereby, I would still do my research to make damn sure that I'm twice as better qualified as the average american in my field of study.

And you know what?

I could also play the IF game.
What IF Haiti didn't have politician crooks who use politics for their own personal gain.

Haiti would still be the Pearl of the Islands and remain the richest!

What IF some Diasporas (I call them Dumbporas) continue to not support the phone call and transfer fees to Haiti?.

Answer: Young Haitians will not have an opportunity to free education and the majority of Haitians will continue to be illiterates.

What IF God created all human beings with the same wit capacity?

Answer: There wouldn't be anyone on earth lacking common sense, and normal intelligence.

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Oh Lord,another one bites the dust here. I am glad...

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