Oh Lord, another one bites the dust here. I am glad you ask me...

Max Mills - July 14 2011, 12:50 PM

Oh Lord, another one bites the dust here. I am glad you ask me to do the maths.

Let me assume that you are not living in America.

According to your comments you are somewhere else.

But if you are whatever you are doing for a living you must not complain.

If the lazy americans as you stated were smarter you would not have a job. Therefore stop biting the finger who is feeding you.

I believe also you send money back home too. There is nothing wrong if you can afford it .It is your money.

But at the same time other people who are not as bright like you or holding a position in the high society like you cannot afford it. Taking $1.50 per person is a lot if there is a budget or a good cause of it. We are almost 10 million people, Imagine if one 1 million receive a remittance for the day multiply by 1.50 how much that will give you then by 365 days for the year. That is why you misread my statement If Mr Martelly has a good cause we must unify ourselves and help him to rebuild the country but as I said it is not the education alone needs attention.

There are many areas need attention also God BLESS YOU.

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I can't believe these dull minded people are...

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