Bravo:everybody made a very good point.Let's start teaching...

Kenold Pierre - July 14 2011, 2:48 AM

Bravo:everybody made a very good point .Let's start teaching young haitians other languages like english and spanish from day one .Because as the world keep turning these two languages become necessary, We travel more than ever and the challenge that we face is :< barriere the language>.Let's go a little bit more further.

Things are more complxe than ever and moving rapidly.

If we talking about CO/ investing in Haiti, it will be based on skills, We have to stop the .L'education in Haiti needs to be reformed .For example >As an executive chef, I go to Haiti in our Hotel industry most of the chefs I meet are americans or from an other countries .I went to Labadie The employees are from also from other countries .We need schools to teach haitians what they call to help the tourist industry in Haiti.

Jamaica Is very good when it comes to that in the NAFTA program, I work with Jaimaicans that come every 6 months, They get here, you just trow them in the field because they arleady been trained .receptionists, chefs, maitre d',waiters, office personal, waitress or hosekeepers no problem at all.

we need skills.

I hire broters every day the only reason I don't let them go because we have the same type of blood .sometime I have to leave my job to do theirs.

We need better and bigger picture for a better Haiti: We 're late

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