When the Americans, French,Canadians, British,the Mews...

Agent-x - July 14 2011, 12:59 AM

When the Americans, French,Canadians, British,the Mews, Brandt,Madsen, Bijo want to make haitian buy their junks in want language they conduct those negotiations?

The answer is creole.

The majority of haitian journalist, politicians,professionel are unable to express themselves fluently in french.

If you have any doubt, buy a wifi radio at Best Buy, J&R, or online or if you want a free ride Google the links below and listen to them. Do not fool yourself unless you are incapable to discern the facts because of intellectual limitations

Creole is the real langauage of haiti.

We should depose the French in the nearest junk yard. Therefore creole should be a working language at CARICOM.

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Creole is not a language that can be used on the...

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