Creole is not a language that can be used on the international...

Bernard - July 13 2011, 10:41 PM

Creole is not a language that can be used on the international market, I still do not know why we have it as an official language for Haiti.The ridiculous part of this is that in other for you to learn creole you have to learn the french grammar.

Creole is another stubling block for young Haitians, we will always have a division between the french speaking and the creole speaking, no wonder why we are in such a mess. Scrap the creole and teach every haitian children french so they can have an oportunity to compete in the world market.

For christ sake we are the only country in the world that speak creole and we are in the americas surrounded by spanish and english, where the hell are we going with this language.WAKE UP MY PEOPLE!

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