I think that you are right that the children should learn...

Mike - July 13 2011, 1:28 PM

I think that you are right that the children should learn another language beside French/Creole.

Our children should be multi cultural and bi-lingual in order to excel in life. In the United States english was primary at one point, but now the country is diverse and multi cultural.

So if one day they do decide to enter this country or other country that speakes Spanish they will not be lost like some of our people that ventured here and can not understand or speak a word of english looking dumb founded as the local trying to conversate.

I remember at one point in time when I was in school back in College Bird, I was taught Latin and english, but then again my parents were some what middle class and I was fortunate enough to be afforded that apportunity.

Yes the children should be afforded that right of free education and able to learn other language.

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