I think you are missing the whole point. Politic, politic...

Ken - July 13 2011, 11:12 AM

I think you are missing the whole point.

Politic, politic politic again.

Yes, that true the haitian parliament left 3 names out of 10 in the list. They did through the press sort of tell the president that it would be easier to reappoiint Mr Bellerive.

They could have left Belllerive name only but, that would amount to naming him PM themselves.

The constitution ( sorry constitutions, all 3 versions) do not allow parliament to name a PM. Out of respect for the presidency they left 3 names while everyone (except the president ) knew all along they want the puppit master better known as Bellerive.

Bellerive sa-a papa..


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Dear Moderator, You need to read a few more...

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