We are just kidding around. How much money as fund do you...

Mitch - July 9 2011, 6:57 PM

We are just kidding around.

How much money as fund do you think the UN has for compensation?

I am sure not much. Why was the UN in Haiti in the first place?

When do you need or have peace keeping mission in any country?

Who sent them there?

If you answer Ban Ki moon You are completely wrong.

The decision was made by merchants of deaths with complicity powerful enemies.

We did not have to have that UN mission in Haiti if We had a civil Society worthy of our name and of our nation.

The minds of our fake leaders have been poisoned with promises of Visas, as the Haitian blood was about to be shed, the sons of the people were making it big with largesse of foreign Embassies.

Here is what I propose
The UN did go to Haiti.

They were sent to Haiti.

They were sent by who?

They were sent by the US government that did not want any new visible military involvement beside Iraq and Afghanistan that were not going well. So far this mission has cost the American tax payers well over 5 Billions US dollar.

Now you see?

They starved a poor nation into revolt by refusing to render the loan of a few million Dollars while collecting the interest.

Then they wasted billions by turning the country into a resort for foreign Soldiers and inexperienced privileged American kids out of College Straight to the NGOs.
1) Ask for restitution from the fake Haitian leaders who were cashing in on the crisis.

WOW! I am sorry about this. I could not erase that thought because my backspace key does not work. I should have erased it because it could involve too many big fishes such former singers, political leaders, media personalities, university character, and more.
I am also sorry for the next solution I am about to mention as well.
The American government should pay for the damage, that for all the reasons I have mentioned earlier.

This way we go after those who had interest and advantages in fuelling the fued.

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