Some day you will realise the truth. It's just that haitian...

Nathalie Pierre - July 9 2011, 6:31 AM

Some day you will realise the truth.

It's just that haitian doesn't have the culture to file in justice against their oppressor.

To show them that practice that's why Bernard Gousse arrested the 2 people who were mostly involved in the massacre in Saint-Marc's neighbourhood called La Scierie.

If not the armed rebells would have brought a chaotic situation were Lavalas leaders would have just been killed, not judged.

Bernard Gousse made sure this didn't happen during his tenure and dismantled the rebels after Aristide departure in February 2004. Lavalas leaders have to be grateful to Bernad Gousse if they are alive now, because the armed rebels would have not sparred their lives.

Instead, the LAvalas leaders orchastred the so called Baghdad Operation, which was a violent and armed operation not against the armed rebels but against innocent people and even police officer poorly armed (because of the arms embargo imposed on HAiti by the American Government).

Everybody knows that this operation the same day foreign finance leaders were about to sign for hundred of millions of USD to help haiti rebuilt its economy afte Aristide's departure.

More than a 1000 thousand people have been kidnapped, tortured, raped, some decapited on a daily basis only in Port-au-Prince during this BAghjdad Operation led only to argue that Bernard Gousse can't bring peace and justice in Haiti.

Bernard Gousse wanted fair trials, security and justice to prevail during his tenure, but they made him fail because of the Americam Embargo on arms in Haiti (which prevented the Haitian Police of being well equiped), the evident complicity of the Black Caucus which never blamed the Baghda Operation and its leaders, the fear of the Haitian people realising that they would not have enough protection if they file for justice against their oppressors which at that time were lavalas leaders.

The hypocrisy has to stop. Bernard Gousse can be compared to Elliot Ness against the incomprehension of the international community, the LAvalas leaders and the fear of the real good passive Haitian people.

Bernard Gousse was alone and is still alone just because he beleives in fair trials, justice, respect of the laws and above all respect of Haiti as a country who should be able to exist and function just as any other respected country in the world.

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