A country can only be administered according to its past...

Bernadette - July 8 2011, 12:58 PM

A country can only be administered according to its past, present history.

A new chapter is public administration is only plausible and possible if and only if Haitians in general take conscience that infrastructure for Haiti's advancement is needed a reconstruction of our Haitianness is even more needed.

We have to determine precisely what are we fighting for?

We fight each other at any given momement.

We kill our own, we take their lands, rape our neighbors, stole their personal and real estate properties, No trust and regards for one another.

Precisely, where is the Haitiennete that is binding us together?

This should be our first strength.

That Haitiennete has to be real, it cannot be elusive.

WE seem to say that we all love Haiti Cherie, where is this very same collective voice?

;But where is the massive collective action taken to protect Haiti.

Everybody so far is just doing arm chair rhetoric.

Nothing truly pragmatically basic is being done to help the poor who suffered the last quake.

Where is the collective help to clean up Port-au-Prince?

Don't tell me it is a lack of money and time. Where is the collective voice to force ONG's to spend more money on the people and less on overhead?.

Where is the collective voice toward forcing the government to donate land for the displaced poor?

Where is the collective voice that should demand respect and security for Haiti's citizens.

Where is this prototype Haitian that we all can see ourselves and identify with regardless of socio-economic standing, age, gender and color.

Beside lip service, this Haitiennete must exist before we can build anything together, let alone Public Administration.

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