Financing Haiti

Martin - July 4 2011, 12:07 AM

I'm not haitian (my ex wife is) and it seems to me that haiti may need a few more tricks up her sleeve.

If one views haitians, the emphasis is usually real estate.

Real estate is a struggling industry worldwide due to invalid investments instruments sold by the U.S. throughout the world during the Bush administration.

We are witnessing the demise of europe because of the after shocks of the mortgage crisis that has left nations with little means to repay the IMF and The World Bank. There are other creole nations that have been cashing in on niche market that will be in more demand in the near future, as austerity measures will demand an increase in taxation.

Tax shelters for the extremely rich.
Haitian banks should merge with banks from say Bahamas, Martinique...

To provide similar off shore sevices.

This would increase Haitian Bank assets to a minimum of 30 to 1.
The land should not be sold.
Once the financing engine of haiti's is in place, then the government can offer a basket of revenue and municipal bonds (or their equivalent) to re-build infra structure.

As the money rolls in from local taxes (make sure the taxes are hiden or no one will pay them)and profit from the banking system, the initial investment can be payed or refunded with second issue to pay for the first issue.

Get the money by saving other people's money.

Invest in infra structure.

Hold the money by re-issuing government investment vehicles.

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Agent-x says...

Your idea appears appealing on the surface but It would be hazardous at best for Haitian banks to merge with other Caribbean banks that are... more »