I feel that they should pay for the lost that the family...

Michel - July 3 2011, 6:08 PM

I feel that they should pay for the lost that the family suffered, and yes we should reinstate the army and identify/weed out the ones that have the ideology of the old regime of the Ton Ton macouts.

Its time for us to prosper, its a shame that we are the first black Island in the Carabean to be freed of slavery but has not evolved to the subline degree of tue Democracy and independency.

We are still in the same mind set of slavery with the rest avect of child slavery.

To start out we need to take pride of what we at one point stood for (freeom) but yet we have taken 30 steps backward to everyone one step foward.

Look at our neighbor accross the border who we helped gain their independence, look how far they have advanced than us and how they treat us. We have lost focus of who and what we are and where we came from. We have no respect for our selves and yet we want others to help us get out of a situation that "WE" put ouselves in. If we need help we need to look and have more pride in US, clean our country of the trash that we do ona daily bases.

I live in this country for over 44 year of my 52 years on this earth, served 21 years in the armed forces and Haiti is and will allways be my home. I am TIRED of how the american and other nations look and talked about us being animals with no hopes and no education.

We need to take a stance and show the world that this country of ours will returned to the "Pearl of the Indies" like it used to be called.

So we all need to take that approach to help educate the young who knows nothing of our history and those who forgot.

Stop putting our hands out for handouts, there are no more free handouts, if we dont do it now there will be no chance for us to get out of the whole we duged ourselves in.

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