WOW! I never heard of this one before about the stolen...

Josy - July 1 2011, 11:29 PM

WOW! I never heard of this one before about the stolen animals, and the victims should get paid. Are you saying MINUSTAH is stealing, cooking, and eating them. This is so outreageous, and I understand a soldier makes 8 G a month.

The annual income for the majority of Haitians is $300 per year, and if we paid our own soldiers $8 G per year we can get rid of corruption.

I could be wrong, so please enlight me and I do not get it. I know some of the diaspora members working for minimum wage, and sweating blood overseas would go back home in a New York minute.

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Josy,we most not forget the goats...

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Josy,yes my dear. Matter of fact just before the...

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