Bernard, i don't believe Aristide or any other president of...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 1 2011, 8:29 PM

Bernard, i don't believe Aristide or any other president of Haiti should go to exile to enjoy life after looting the country or doing any type of violence crime against the people!
I don't believe in exile for Haitian officials or civilians.

We should hang them in the front of the palace or any public place.

If, Jean Claude Duvalier was a criminal like Aristide.

He would kill Aristide one thousand time over and over.
If Aristide had a chance to kill Jean Claude Duvalier in the 80's, he would do it in cold blood and eat his heart too.
Jean Claude Duvalier fail the people after married that bitch Michelle Benett, seriously if i could kick Jean Claude Duvalier's ass with my steel cap boots, it's just for married that bitch.

Aristide don't deserve another exile, please.

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AGENT X, I will not argue the facts that Francois...

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