Agent x go to hell with your nonsense Aristide propaganda and...

Belfanm - July 1 2011, 7:37 PM

agent x

go to hell with your nonsense Aristide propaganda and be sure to take Aristide and Preval with you!!

Minustah, need to set up a fund like they did for the victims of the oil spill and the families of those who died of cholera to collect death benefits.

Minustah and the company contracted to get rid of the waste are liable for gross negligence because it was foreseeable that Cholera might be imported since the outbreak in southeast asia and those solidiers should have tested prior to sshipment to a place that is recovering from a natural disaster and the contractor who dump the waste should be held liable as well because it was foreseeable that dumping fecal matter near a river would contaminate the water as they are aware that People use the river to bathe, wash clothes, drink and cook. like aa doctor, the first rule is do no Harm, it is of no importance of the reason minustah is there, if there negigent behavior cause harm, the UN is held liable.

sjust like you would sue a doctore for malpractice if he left a sponge in you after an operation to save your life anf the sponge coause you to develop an infection.

The UN know they can be held liable that is why they deny it, then conduct their own bs investigation and blame Haiti for thea spread of the outbreak due to the lack of infrastructure.

well guess what UN knew Haiti had no infrastructure so they should have taken even more precaution to not introduce any more disease to an already broken country.

they must be held liable so they learn and test all their soldiers and people before sending them to an already devastated country.

BP provide lots of jobs and tax dollars to the US, did the US take that into account when it hold BP liable for the economic and physical harm, hell no! so UN need to pay up for the ecomic loss that Artibonite and other region suffer due to the outbreak

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