Riccolo, I can take you to 5 beaches in Haiti;Couchobe :Port...

Kenold Pierre - July 1 2011, 6:24 PM

Riccolo, I can take you to 5 beaches in Haiti ;Couchobe :Port -Magot.

Cormier: Au Cap du Nord.

Labadie :au Cap.

La Baie de Mancenille: Derac And Four- A- chaux :Port Dauphin {Paulette} .I bet;you ' ll be speachless These are the only ones that I know and I'm proud of them.

.The best thing about them, They are natural beauties .Do you know how much money other countries spend to keep their beaches beautiful?


Haiti government do not spend a dime b'cause we don't need it .Try to be proud of your country maybe once in your life: Maybe you never have chance to explore any part of Haiti, Sorry about that. Grew up in Haiti before I came here I had the chance to go to some picnics to those beaches, Travelling back to Haiti I still go there if I have a spare moment .My friend beleive me: Haiti is still the pearl and beautiful .It depends on Who you are and The way you look at Her: So long

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Thomas your country has best abcdBitches not beaches

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