Bernard, so you think United Nations is there to solve or...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - July 1 2011, 5:11 PM

Bernard, so you think United Nations is there to solve or helping with the problem?

You are an ignorant by saying that.
Aristide is the asshole to blame and Preval as well, cause he contributed, teamed with Aristide for the final coup d'epee.

Aristide and Preval venom still ravaging the country.

We need to get raid of the munistah fast, even if we have to give them what they deserve for bringing Cholera in Haiti.

Aristide who bring them in the country should meet his faith as well.
As for Africa, it was set up differently by the powers of the world, and thanks to God Africa is very rigid geographically, killing the Africans like the American Indians wouldn't be easy, unlike Haiti a small country with bunch of fucking idiots on it presently, next time do not compare a continent with a country.

After the slaves revolt against the think after a huge deficit the slaves caused the french.

you think would not mark or boycott by the world powers for that for the rest of your entire existence?

Because of that revolt caused by the slaves, the french had to sell all the their territories to USA.
If you want Haiti back, you will need to kill for it.

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Why should they repay for anything, the reason why...

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