My heart is broken, I don't like the word ''REPAY'' THAT WAS...

Miejo - July 1 2011, 12:18 PM

My heart is broken, I don't like the word ''REPAY'' THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT and United Nations are helping us..., But since the situation is very, very complicated we have to cooperate together.

I suggest 1- clean drinking water for free every where, and culligan water for half price, and help the producer to be able to do so.
2- stop selling water bags on the streets (dlo sachet), but help the producers of such business to have something else to do
3-stop the icy juice plastic bags but have to help the producers of such business having something else to do
4- no one should have fruits expose on the ground, have to help for fruits market, where they can expose them on a table, have water forcet that they don't need to touch for running the water.

install clean drinking water every where for people to clean their hands.

5-sanitation must control supermarket toilet, banks toilet, school toilet, have toilet every where and have some on with a speaker every where like in front of churches, schools, football game, open markets, telling that Cholera is not an act of God, is not a curse, that people with cholera should do what doctor said, not what the priest, the pastor, or the houngan are telling-
6-that if a hougan priest, or pastor, or any irreligious priest, or else are telling other wise they can go to jail!
7-that meat should me protect have a special pleace to expose meat market.

we need big held in sanitation.


and is very urgent- before long we will end up with 5million people we are endeed DYING from our misunderstanding of CHOLERA VIRUS ! SOS IS NOW OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

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