"The world bank system is the one to fear" Kenold Pierre, all...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 30 2011, 7:40 PM

"The world bank system is the one to fear"

Kenold Pierre, all those Haitians will never sell their house to invest in Haiti, even if they had 2 houses, they would not sell one to invest in Haiti.

Just let them barks like french puddle dogs or baboons, another word "they just making noise because they are useless to Haiti".

Haitians are too close to the animal kingdom, just like baboons, pissing,farting to marks their territory, make noise to chase away others smarter baboons that already explored the forest for better food.

Haiti, need all the foreign investors he can get.
So far the only things we are doing to Haiti, it's dumping all the garbage form New York and Miami to Haiti.

Kenold, we need a makeover to our country, first Haitians need to come out of the box.
Investors like stability of a country, they like security and the most important thing is profit.

My friend only God can change what i see in Haiti, matter of fact the world.

Look around the globe, every government in this world fail.

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Le regine banann tro lou pou pie a sa ou fe? Ou bay...

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