What else is left to sell.Everything has been sold to private...

Max Mills - June 30 2011, 12:34 PM

What else is left to sell .Everything has been sold to private sector that is why we have about 40% of people working right now. As a matter of fact the president needs an extra 30% or 40% percent of people to find work in the next year or two.So he needs to sell some lands near the seashore as you mentioned above so the investors can build hotels and casinos to attract tourists.

A country without tourist is dead, period dead no foreign cash in our treasury, no extra taxes on these tourists, so we will always beg for a piece of bread from our neighbors.

So if he finds some good investors we will have roads, electricity and good water and everybody will find work in these areas.Let us all pray for him to be successful on this path. God be with you on your endeavors.

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