Why is this even an issue? If it were any other nation, the...

Colette - June 30 2011, 10:23 AM

Why is this even an issue?

If it were any other nation, the lawyers would have had the paperwork filed already.


We all know that Haiti is not regarded in anything that could remotely be called "high esteem", if any esteem at all. Most don't think we're worth much if anything, so where's the surprise in this decadent and disgusting behavior?

If there is irrefutable evidence of the crime, then it should be presented to the authorities, with all the fanfare and brouhaha associated with such nastiness; charges brought against NATO and the Nepalese government for damages and medical costs.

Charge them with the responsibility of cleanning up their freakin mess, and kick them the hell out of our country.

As for the atrocities being committed against children, young women, and men in some sick twisted cases, I say let fraternal justice be put in effect.

If it can be proven, then go get 'em. 'Nuff said.

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