I'm furious and appalled that these people were not tested...

Toussaint - June 30 2011, 10:19 AM

I'm furious and appalled that these people were not tested prior being mobilized to the country.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that it took them that long to ascertain the source of the issue.

I even read on MiamiHerald that they it was irrelevant to figure out where the disease had come from, which leading me to believe that this was premeditated.

How on earth do you prevent something from occurring without knowing what is causing it?

They knew from the beginning where the source of the disease was formulated and they just wanted to cover it up, while our brothers and sisters keep dying and getting more infected with the disease.

President Martelly, please get those people out of the country as soon as feasible!!! They are not providing much security in the country anyway.

They are waste of money.

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