As a Haitian who resides in Florida and one to boot who has...

Martine Civil - June 30 2011, 9:57 AM

As a Haitian who resides in Florida and one to boot who has many American and European friends, I ask: What's wrong with foreign investments?...What's wrong with developing a tourism industry?...Is that selling the country to the foreigners?...Poppycock, my friends!!!...Undiluted and unmitigated poppycock!!!...President Raoul Castro of Cuba is inviting foreign investors to that socialist country to created new industries in Cuba. The Cuban telephone company which was a state monopoly is now in partnership with the Italians and everything is moving for the better in that sector.

The new revolutionary authorities in Egypt are developing the Valley of the Kings as a tourist attraction and inviting the Europeans and the Chinese to take over the project.

Are they selling the pyramids to the foreigners?

Of course not. Cut the nonsense to use a mitigated word. Not to mention the Chinese who began opening up their economy to foreign investment in the 1970s and today they are the strongest and most stable economy in the world without a substantial foreign debt, which is not the case with the USA and Europe.

The late Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping said: "I do not care if the cat is white or black as long as it catches mice" That is the Martelly philosophy.

I am one that has learned not to put faith in any politician.

Neverheless, M. Martelly has just taken over as our president.

For Pete's sake, let us be positive and give the man a chance.

There is no third way: investment or borrowing from the foreign powers?...Keeping borrowing and receiving alms will turn us Haitiand into a nation of beggars.


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