Martelly is not selling Haiti. In the carribean region you...

Guy Cherubin - June 30 2011, 8:53 AM

Martelly is not selling Haiti.

In the carribean region you have numbers of countries that sell sunshine and beach front property to help the ountry GDP increases.

Prime example I visited the Bahamas, before I can get off the plane I was sold to visit paradise island and atlantis resort.

Paradise Island the property Atlantis resort is seated on is being leased to Sole Kezner by the goverment for an enormous amount of years, this same resort employed 3,000 plus staff in the Bahamas.

Woodreaux we need investor in Haiti to move ahead, we need the international community to help the Martelly administration to help rebuild the infastructure of the country.

Having multi-culture in the country will help attract numbers of differs ethenics from all over the world.

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