TM-1,i was too busy with your mother on your father's bed...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 27 2011, 9:03 PM

TM-1,i was too busy with your mother on your father's bed while banging her clito with my shaft, your mother did not give me enough time to read my graffiti.

You asked me if i am a HOMO-S?

Well, it's easy to find out, let's just meet somewhere of my choice.

I guaranty you, you never walk strait again for the rest of your miserable life.
I am sure no doctor in this world can repair your asshole.

"As for my contradiction" it's normal, i have the right to change my mind anytime i want, if you don't like it fuck you, you don't have to read none of my graffiti.

Also, I always put my name in my Graffiti as"Jean Pierre Alexandre" not "Jean Pierre" nor fake names or play games.

I am not here to make you or anybody Happy.

Because assholes like you contaminates Haiti.

Fuck you asshole do something about it.

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Read your graffiti before posted them.You...


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