I always say it. Problem, yes but it is my country. Poverty...

Garry Destin - June 27 2011, 8:08 PM

I always say it. Problem, yes but it is my country.

Poverty, yes but I live it. When I was recently, i saw raw poverty but i saw merchants and merchants.

It is a country where people really believe in laissez faire not the gimic type of folks screeming laissez fsire only when it is in their favor.

I saw a country with real freedom but at the same time so many have abused it.
For a great example, Daniel and the gourgue etc.

So many have gone there to reach their dream and in return they spot in Haiti's face. The best example is the famous Al Fahed.

You know what, i love haiti no matter what.
I met this guy once in scotland telling how rich his folks are there but guess what, in his country, they have just a moderate life. He thought he was insulting with his story, but in return he ended up being greatful about Haiti.

At least somewhere, he is a high class.

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