I am not a politician, and do not like politics. I...

Josy - June 21 2011, 10:52 PM

I am not a politician, and do not like politics.

I particularly hate Haitian's politics, because it is so dirty and can get downright nasty.

There must be a way to stop those who refused to let the country move forward, and I am sure President Martelly will find a way to deal with those crooks.

They are going to challenge the elected President's choices, and try to block him. The scammers, con artists, crooks, and thieves are very educated in their fields.

They are pretty savvy, and master their skills overseas.

GOD put President Martelly in charge of the country, anad needs to surround himself with experts.

The crooks have been living on easy street for decades, and some are following their families' foosteps.

It is a legacy for most of them, and they want to hold on to their fortunes.

They traveled, and spent time aboard.

They know it is hard to make a dollar, and they are not about to work for minimum wages.

They sent their children overseas to study in the best schools, so they can come back with new ways to steal from the country and there has to be a way to get rid of them. You can the last names, and now we have the third generation stealing from the poor.

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