Daniel Rouzier made his first mistake when he allegedly said...

Bernadette - June 21 2011, 10:19 PM

Daniel Rouzier made his first mistake when he allegedly said that he will fire Bill Clinton...That was political suicide, voluntarily or not. I am not a fan of Rouzier's but I would hate to think that someone did not get a job that he is qualified for because of his skin color.

Personally, the whole issue is revoltingly repugnant.

I beg to differ, Tiba, prior to 1804 Haiti has had an issue with skin color and presidency up until 1957 with the good Doctor Francois Duvalier and the "Noirist" vowed NEVER to have another Mulatre as President of Haiti.

Mr. Duvalier did capitalize to the maximum on this concept for his own political survival.Thereafter, other presidents tried to use the same concept either in term of skin color OR socio-economic standing but never quite mastered it as well as Francois D. Albeit, Francois was at the right time and the right place to use the "Negritude" concept.

It served him well.
Yes, you are right on this point, Haiti is too homogenius to seriously moved forward economically.

Different types of people bring different ideologies and concepts to dynamically fast forward in a fast-moving economy.

The diaspora has not have enough yet, otherwise the good people would have organized themselves and present a united economic front to Haiti by simply witholding money to Haiti for a short period of time Haiti would have been to its knees begging the Haitian diaspora for mercy.

In the meanwhile, let the people of Haiti enjoy the false sense of security they think they have.

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