I think for the situation like haiti a vice president would be...

Lautre Niveau - June 21 2011, 5:34 AM

I think for the situation like haiti a vice president would be best what ifthe vice president the president pick did a bad job for the country who has the say to remove him if it still the president a vice president should be appointted by the president but parliament should have a say on the vice president performance if the vice president doing a bad job then a committy should be installed of both the lesglative and executive should be installe to study the vice president case if the committy vote yes to get rid of him then the president will have to appoint a next vice president a vice is not on haiti circumstance but the president should not have the power to decide if the vice president is doing a bad job for the country then parliament should see to it the president get rid of him for good.This is a balance of democracy.

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