Yes. We are smart because this coumtry is a school.We learn a...

Kenold Pierre - June 19 2011, 12:51 AM


We are smart because this coumtry is a school .We learn a lot It does not matter if we go to an education center or not .We are survivers, because we strive and struggle to stay alive in this country we call home >, We have to start from TATONNEMENT, TRANSFORMATION, before we can reach STABILISATION ther is no easy fix .Stay aflot is the name of the game, keep your head above water, try to stay alive.

Arrogace does not really define us .But if our President wants to give Haiti a new direction, He better be SMART and ARROGANT because Haiti pa yon peyi ki fassil pou dirige, li pa kap accaepte pou l vini yon looser tankou tout lot yo We love you

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