Mr. or MS. Jean Pierre Alexander, you keep projecting yourself...

Agent-x - June 18 2011, 12:54 AM

Mr. or MS. Jean Pierre Alexander, you keep projecting yourself as a hard core criminal that is working or continue to work for the International Headquarter of Violence, the Pentagon.

In ninety percent of your blogs you have made to homicide ideations.

Stop your direct and indirect homicidal ideations-H/I on this blog. Do not use subterfuges to links your sick criminal mind to our great beloved luminary leader, foundation of peace, defender of the poor and maximum leader Jean Bertrand Aristide.

I will not tolerate a tueur a gage or hit man or want to be like you to harm, terrorizes or conduct psychological warfare against our leader in any form and fashion.

This is not the first time that I said: you and your network of conspirators will pay dearly if you try to implement your threat
I am ordering you to cease and desist immediately any reference to harm Aristide or any current and former Haitian government official.

Done at the bastion of the Haitian Nationalist in 207 of the Independence

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Edner St Amour,gade neg Aristide ap fe ti ye wou wi...


Ne rigole pas


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Erratum: Mr. or MS. Jean Pierre Alexander, you keep...

Agent x,last week you hide behind the name Operation...

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