I have something to say about that comment. I hope is not...

Lautre Niveau - June 14 2011, 8:57 PM

I have something to say about that comment.

I hope is not another coup detat there are planing is a shame nothing could ever go right in haiti there is a lot of traitors who does not care about our country that why our beloved country is such in a mess because of to much traitors there should have been punish according to the law but you know how things goes in haiti anybody do their shit and get away like nothing that why we still need foreign peacekeepers in the country to keeep the peace haitians are not capable of ruling themself instead of putting their head together to make things work for the county everybody will benefit haiti has been suffering for so long it time for change is a shame to have these people representing us.

I say give the country a chance enought is enought haiti suffer enought how did it have to go to say is enought haiti is the only country in the world that has no chance at all haiti born with bad luck because we to much of enemi and to much traitors haiti should become the melting pot of the caribbean why not.

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