What's love got to do with it? You know the proverb in...

Marjorie Middy - June 11 2011, 7:47 PM

What's love got to do with it?

You know the proverb in America: "Good fences make good neighbors".

A good cultural understanding of where the other Country is coming from, A sense of their history, their language, their political, commercial and religious beliefs are needed in order to create good fences to protect ourselves against other countries.

In turn these understandings are primordial in acquiring good formulation-negotiation-skill with others which in turn could benefit Haiti.

In other words, "Ce pou dormi ak Jean pou kon kijan Jean ronfle" Or in the land of Napoleon Bonaparte "Il faut bien connaitre son enemi pour l'abattre".

Except this time, this is the 21st Century, we don't want to kill, we want to NEGOTIATE instead, so that ALL of us could benefit from the situation.

Can America benefit from Haiti's wisdom?


Can Haiti benefit from America's vast commercial edge?

Yes, yes, and yes.
The point is to have agreements as to what is being negotiated, for how long, and how much. If either party breached the term of the agreement, then what precisely are the ramifications.

The ramifications MUST be equal to the lost. (The punishment must fit the crime).

For instance, punishment for tax evasion should not be the same punishment for body-part smugglers...

In dealing with America, we must understand that it is coming from a very Anglo-Saxon premise:You are poor, because you are stupid.

That attitude was generally towards non-protestants and people of color, up to the mid part of last century.

Due to globalization and out-of-country vacation, Americans learned that poverty does not discriminate, poverty can attack any country regardless of color and religion...

(Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy just to name a few).

Americans too are grappling with understanding other cultures different than that of theirs.

They do and will make mistakes.

It is Haiti's business to protect itself against those possible errors.

In business the perceived inequality line is somewhat blurring...

Someone want something that the other has. They should be able to negotiate on an equitable term. The rarer that the service or the product is, the more leverage one has in negotiating.

What does Haiti have that is highly desirable?

Youth - labor: Most third world countries have it.
Proximity: Mexico and Canada own that corner
Climate: USA is full of it, the sunbelt of US has sunny days and blue sky almost year around.

minerals: one can buy huge acreage of land in the deep south for a pittance with rights to minerals as gold, copper, and don't forget oil, if you strike it rich.
Woods: Same thing, huge acreage of land can be purchased just to sell the timber on it and the land is almost for free, in that aspect, again in southern USA.
What do we have that they don't have?

Our wisdom, our culture, (tourism) in the short run.
In the long run, Science, Yes science.

The theory and science of "Zombi" could be explore more for the benefit of humankind.

Almost a decade ago, there was an article in a science magazine about the need to "Zombify" people with third degree burn patients while their skin is recuperating.

Haiti was mentioned in that magazine and the need to explore that avenue...

According to the author and the Houngans interviewed, there is a precise minutes to "wake-up" the person or real death is imminent..., This is where the scientific part could be established, according to them, it has not been specified...

That corner could delicately be explored with Haiti as a sole propriataire.

Now, that IS money!!
I believe, in the long run, agriculture in Haiti for Haiti is the way to go; with possibly Mango and coffee could be cultivated in view of some exports(sugar cane should be on the list, if it was not so political) as they are doing well overseas.

Another suggestions as a big possibility is Haiti's vast knowledge in medicinal plants.

This one is a real treasure as people are going back to natural medicine.

Even Medical doctors are getting another doctorate degree in Naturopathy Medicine - ND. Medecins Sans Frontiers is in Haiti's backyard, It is just a matter of coordinating them with the Femmes Sages, the Houngans, (Docteurs Feuilles, the mambos of Haiti who basically have the knowledge - and of course coordinators to manage the business aspect.

Again there is potential for real money.

Now, this is not to say that we should not have sweatshops, If sweatshops are bringing money right now to alleviate immediate hunger pain and insect bites from homelessness, then by all means, GO FOR IT. Shoot for the 5USD minimum now, then a couple of years from now shoot for 10USD minimum all in accounting for neighboring competitors.

Last but least, a website should have been created for the sole purpose of showing Haitian Art and artists in view of selling their Haitian Art Globally.

I am sure there are other avenues that are specifics to Haiti that could be put to commercial use for the benefit of Haiti.

Haiti has to think "outside of the box" in order to move forward financially.

The webmaster of this site could do a world of good for this site visitors if he could create a system to TEACH the art of negotiations and or collaborations.

These skills can be learned online.

Without these skills Haiti will not be able to move too far. True collaboration for the benefit of Haiti is the key issue.

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