America do not hates haiti, please give me a break with this...

Elisabeth - June 11 2011, 5:46 AM

america do not hates haiti, please give me a break with this strong statement, why are we not asking ourself what love we are having for our country and stop worrying about other country it is just sad to see how we are so dependant to all they are doing he looks like we can even think for ourself and devlop our country.

For the love of God we own this little piece of land again I will repeat our ancestor fought and shed their blood so we can be free but for years and years we have been fighting each other instead of helping each other we are the one Haitians that hates Haiti because as long as we have our poket full of american dollars we have visa to actually go to america we feel so much superior.

we hates the country so much that people sat there waiting for a parents from another country to get them out of Haiti.

So again give me a break with this statement
American are king in their country and I believe Haitians should be king in Haiti if for once we actually accept the fact that we need to wake up and shake up and work hard to build our society.

American will keep their mouth shut if we stop begging them but create a way for partnership,
Haiti have a lot of his children in America that support Haiti if they really hates Haiti they could actually eliminate us easily.

We have been playing the blame game and put every evil to AMerica but the fact is some Haitians are evil and selfish
I believe our time for change is here and our new president Michel Martelly will restore the pride of 1804.

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