If, anyone doesn't understand the sweet and sour hates of...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - June 9 2011, 6:18 PM

If, anyone doesn't understand the sweet and sour hates of United States Of America, France,England have against any third world countries from 200 years until now! you need seriously have your brains checks for deficiency.

To be strait in my language,"wou se yon tou bouda".

African countries have the same problem, not only after they share Africa like a pizza pie between themselves witch i will adds Italy and Spain.The still crushing Africa with an jack hammer in the head daily.

In Asia was the same agony, England,France, USA, destroy the people, Vietnam,India, the Philippines, Indonesia,China with some limit.

We don't need to be in shock, surprise, terrified,mad, upset ect.
We need to be aware of the problems and deal with new way to survive.

Yes, they will fall all of them one after another.

The new world will have a new system, we all know something is coming soon to this planet.

Just be ready for your justice.

Don't you comfort with any system in this world, cause mankind fail in all stages and dimensions.

They will be destroy and they will have no place to hide, trust my word.
Just get bold to despise any government on this planet, you can just tell them, they are good for nothing, and they have been prove many time and over and over.
Keep your peace until that day come.

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