America Hates Haiti.. Wow Go Fuck yourself Belpolitik. Read...

Fuck - June 9 2011, 12:34 PM

America Hates Haiti..

Wow Go Fuck yourself Belpolitik.

Read into Sec state cables from any country and see what your seeing.

Haiti is a totally corrupt country that is close to a very stable country USA. And other countries unfriendly to USA will use the fact that haiti politicians don't give a flying fuck. It kind of like monitoring a baby. More americans helped you guys after the earthquake then any other country.

The only teams cutting people out the right way were FEMA not Haiti emergency services.

WALK BEFORE YOU CAN CRAWL A company with domain holding all over the place looking to someday capitalize on haiti and the internet.

Go stir up another Pot. And go FUck Yourself.

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VIDEO - America Still Hates Haiti

If you think the United States Of America loves Haiti, think again... Wikileaks exposes how America still hates Haiti... Watch this video.....

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