For now President Michel Martelly has to take action into his...

Jotham Mascary - June 8 2011, 8:45 AM

For now President Michel Martelly has to take action into his own hands to save the country and his people.

The fact of the matter is, with the Inite as the heahd of "parliament" its memebers will stand as a ion barriere aigainst any progress.

They will use each and every malicious tricks in the book of corruption and selffisness to make the goverment of Michel Martelly a failure.Keep in mind, they are not patriot, they are just"patriporket" they are elected only for the money.

They do not care about no body but themselves.They are instead working against progress, they know certainly well what they are doing, they are trying to force the president Michel Martelly to buy they silence and they collaboration.

Therefore, if president Martelly is in fact a president primary for the helpless and already needed Haitian people, with conviction and proud he should be walking and working toward changes for Haiti and the Haitian people.

Though, all he has to do is to have judges at all the level elected by the haitian people instead of being named at office by member of his cabinet.

Doing so he will prevent parliament to send letters request the nominee of so and so as judge where ever. The legitimate controle of the justice system by the parliament will be powerless.

Every accused will be judged and hold accountable for his or her crime.

Outside people of political parties who used to act badly under the protection of senator and deputy to destabilize a working goverment or supporte a useless government, will face justice and hell responsible for they action.

Then the door for progress will be wildly open in a very secure Haiti for each and every son and daughter of Haiti regardless of his or her country of residence.

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