Haiti is going to see massive repression within six months.

Agent-x - June 5 2011, 7:40 PM

While Dominican Republic, Latin America and the Caribbean countries are striving to ameliorate the condition of their poor citizens, in Haiti the mulatto elite gang and their foreign masters are forcing the poor black Haitian to work at starvation wages at gun point.

Those that dare to protest against those inhuman conditions are quickly labeled as chimeres and terrorists by those criminals.

This type of economic blocus although dissimilar to the one they imposed to Cuba but has similar end result except that Cuba is better off without an internal bourgeoisy elite.

Meanwhile the sons and daughters of the Haitian elites could afford to attend the best schools even though few of them have intellectual capacity to learn abstract concepts anyway.

The sons and daughters of those elite wears expensive, sumptuous extravagant trendy clothing and could acquire the latest electronic gadgets, cars and could travel anywhere in the world by airplane to attends orgy parties on some degenerate hot spot on the planet while 98% of Haitians are vegetating in abject, degradation and intolerable poverty.

The poor Haitian food and meals are always a daily adventure.

We are witnessing according to wikileaks that the traditional enemies of Haiti are doing everything on their power to keep the majority of the Haitian in a state of abject degradation while they are using their media and TV camera to show decay poverty about Haiti to the world and to instill the notion that black people cannot be master of their destiny or do anything right without the white supremacist presence in control as it is the case in the Caribbean countries and in Africa.

The subliminal message is that black cannot be in control.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent x,i am very disappointed in you for such unappropriated comment. I wonder,where were you when Ariside and Preval were in power? We all... more »

Linda says...

I don't really have time to read your whole message, but to anyone who is looking at Haitian history, it is clear that the last two presidents... more »