Good morning I hope you are alright and your family as well I...

Elisabeth - June 4 2011, 6:38 AM

Good morning I hope you are alright and your family as well
I am sending you this little note to encourage you to get involved in Haiti reconstruction I feel really desappointed that you have been so quiet do not get me wong I am a supporter of our new president Michel Martelly and even if I could not vote because I am not living in Haiti I would have support him I am sure you are asking yourself why do I am sending you this message think about it you are the mother and when you have unruly children or you are face with the terrible situation we have in Haiti with corruption at every level in the governement and the challenge of the reconstruction in all level we have to choose the best candidate and Michel Martelly was the best for the fight.

He was also really popular and charismatic among the youth, and all, people felt he will fight for the right by the way this one thing that was missing in your campaign a lot people could not put a face on you and felt you could not fight the corruption and the houligans those people are controlling Haiti.the elections are over there is a winner and a looser but for Haiti we all are winner if the new president succeed and help Haiti reestablish herself as LA PERLE DES ANTILLES this will be a victory for all Haitians around the world.

Please I am asking you to come out of your silence and land a helping hand to the president not as a politician but as a haitian mother to help him face this heavy load. Haiti and all haitians will be grateful to you.I thank you already for the support.

It will show to everyone that democracy is not a myth but a reality in Haiti it will also show you as a better person one that is not selfish and want to place the interrest of Haiti first.L'union fait la force any help you can provide will be a blessing to the President Haiti and all Haitians around the world
No matter what you do after you receive this message I pray to God to bless you and your family
Thank you, Elisabeth.

From 0rlando, Florida USA

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