The first question is why did this report appear at this time...

James Gray - May 31 2011, 11:56 PM

The first question is why did this report appear at this time?

Could it be because the Prime Minister candidate stated his opion about the commission?

And the most important question is who is this organization to question the Corps of Engineers?

Haiti is effected by rumors and fear, so therefore it only seems likely that this organization is doing just that. Did they count the body's, were they here as a first responder to the earth quake.

I challenge the people of Haiti to stand by what they know, those who lived thru that day Jan 12th 2010 know the truth.

This is not a dream, people walk thru the debris every day, behind the walls and gates are homes that were not counted.

You know history questioned the Jews about the deaths of there family.

A life is a life, there is no gain to build up the numbers of debris, people in the tents, and the love ones that were laid to rest. Haiti received donations for the event not the numbers.

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