Well lets move on because obviousely Preval used this tragedy...

Marleine - May 31 2011, 3:45 PM

Well lets move on because obviousely Preval used this tragedy to make more money on those poor people.and left them on the street with nothing.

He probably used a large part of it for his own benefit..

On another note why to they come up with those numbers now?

Whats that suppose to mean?

They better provide the funds they collected for those people..Once again its politics and I see where they are going with this...

Yo pral coupe nan lajan yo bay la epi yon pral bann yon ti kras ladann...

Sa pral gen 2 ans depi sa pase pa genyen anyen ki ko fet..

Louve je nou non..

Haiti tounen yon pist pou tout vole byen habiye vin piye...

Nou fout foure blan nan koze nou trop

Trop gagot Tonerre

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