Friends, I encourage all of you whatever your view regarding...

Patricia - May 30 2011, 11:48 AM

Friends, I encourage all of you whatever your view regarding this government not to stay only on that site and read all those negativities about the president.But to go on, radio metropole news also read the president facebook on then you will have more idea what happenning in Haiti.

There is an article on how the Unity party stand on the way to stop the country to move forward.For those who said: the president is not doing nothing you are missed inform he is working so hard for the people just pray for him and his staff.Also we do have a strong and caring first lady who's doing an amazing job in the community please go look for yourself in the president facebook all the way down in left side you will see the first lady picture just click on it.Then you can see all the works she is doing all over the country, just be patient and help any way you can; because they can not do it by themselves.

Remember Haiti needs all us and we all can contribute to help our beloved country to move forward.God bless president martelly and God bless Haiti!

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